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Gnosis is the universal wisdom that is at the root of all knowledge.

Gnosis is the flame from which all religions arise, and the science that allows us to reach its ultimate goal: union with divinity.

The study and practice of Gnosis are essentially performed in our own daily lives, as their goal is the awakening of consciousness through inner and intimate efforts that anyone can make. Through the experience of Gnosis, human being promotes a complete inner revolution and awakens his spiritual values.

This course deals with the fundamental principles of Gnosis and Gnosticism, the basic concepts of the Gnostic method and its practical application.


– Contemporary Gnosticism
– Essence, Ego and Personality
– Soul and Its Awakening
– Ego Illusion and Plurality
– Human Psychic Study
– Chakras and Kundalini
– Dreams Symbolism
– Astral Projection
– Meditation and Spirituality
– Beyond Death
– Karma and Dharma
– Return and Recurrence
– Sex Mysteries
– The Perfect Matrimony
– Alchemy and the Great Work
– The Eternal Feminine
– Didactic for the Ego Annihilation
– Myths of Creation
– Races and Civilizations
– Aquarius Age and its Avatar
– The Holy Gnostic Church
– Masters and Initiations


Every human being seeks happiness. Among so many values ​​that the human being is able to pursue and cultivate, happiness comes to be the most precious, but also the most difficult to be achieved. This is due to the ignorance of the laws and principles that underlie both the world we live in and our own inner world.

The way indicated to heal this ignorance and thus to conquer happiness is knowledge. It is not a common and ordinary knowledge, of a conceptual and transitory nature, but a Gnosis, a revealing knowledge of Divinity and its Mysteries. This knowledge is both experimental and transcendent, and for this reason allows us to apprehend such Mysteries with depth and objectivity.

The search for Gnosis follows the path of self-knowledge, by the slow, gradual and consistent acquisition of a wisdom that liberates the human being from suffering, from the multiple torments that inevitably result from the imprisonment of the divine consciousness in the wonderful hues of Creation.

Gnosis is a universal and eternal wisdom of soul-liberation. It is the source from which all religions originate, and from time to time these same religions use different symbols and temporal representations to cover it and present it to humanity. In the present day, Gnosis is presented as a contemporary doctrine of synthesis, making use of the most diverse and ancient religious allegories and modern spiritualist concepts.

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Seção 1Contemporary Gnosticism
Seção 2Essence, Ego and Personality
Seção 3Soul and its Awakening
Seção 4Ego Illusion and Plurality
Seção 5Human Psychic Study
Seção 6Chakras and Kundalini
Seção 7Dreams Symbolism
Seção 8Astral Projection
Seção 9Meditation and Spirituality
Seção 10Beyond Death
Seção 11Karma & Dharma
Seção 12Return and Recurrence
Seção 13Sex Mysteries
Seção 14Perfect Matrimony
Seção 15Alchemy & the Great Work
Seção 16The Eternal Feminine
Seção 17Didactic for the Ego Annihilation
Seção 18Myths of Creation
Seção 19Races and Civilizations
Seção 20Aquarius Age & Its Avatar
Seção 21The Holy Gnostic Church
Seção 22Masters and Initiations